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Our Mission

Thank you for your interest in the Indiana County Assessment Office. Indiana County is comprised of over 45,000 parcels of real estate. The primary responsibility of the Indiana County Assessment Office is to value all real estate uniformly and fairly for ad valorem (at value) tax purposes. The last countywide reassessment was 1968. Evaluating all property in Indiana County at 1968 market values satisfies uniformity, mandated by law. While property is appraised at 1968 market values, it is taxed at its assessed value, which is currently 100% of the 1968 market value. It is important to remember, especially when filing an appeal; the assessment office’s duty is to determine property value. Under law, the assessment office cannot and does not raise or lower property tax rates.

Real Property Taxation

Real estate taxes are an important revenue source for county government, eleven school districts, and thirty-seven municipalities within Indiana County. White Township is the only municipality not imposing a real estate tax. Tax rates are levied annually by each of the taxing bodies based upon their budgetary needs. Tax rates are expressed in mills. A mill (.001) being equivalent to one tenth of one cent. Two tax billings occur annually. County and municipal taxes are sent in the spring and school taxes are generally mailed between July and August.

Public Records

The Assessment Office has available for public inspection or purchase: property record cards, various assessment listings, and countywide tax maps. A CD-ROM containing all county tax maps is available at a cost of $125

The Assessment Office provides Internet access to property records for a nominal monthly fee. Contact the office for more information.

Tax Rates Click to view or print the current tax rates for all taxing districts in Indiana County.

Tax Collectors Click to view or print a listing of all current Indiana County Tax Collectors. The listing provides the name, address, phone number, and taxing district of each tax collector.

Contact Information

(724) 465-3812 or 3814
Postal address
2nd Floor Indiana County Courthouse
825 Philadelphia Street
Indiana, Pa 15701
Office Hours
8:30 - 4:00


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